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Food Intolerance Testing: Client’s Experience

Alane, just wanted to drop you a note and let you know what an amazing experience I have had with you, your website, your company and your support team thus far.

I cannot thank you enough for including your personal assistants as part of your team and allowing them to be as accessible as they have. They have been a fantastic connection to your work and a phenomenally grounding presence on the phone. Your staff not only listened to my concerns, asked the most amazing questions and shared the transformation they have experienced– but also stepped into the role of advocate and investigator. Somehow they translated my quest for answers, the constraints of my current health situation and my longing for a long-term solution into some very simple solutions for me to consider.

Which brings me to Michael, the head of your shipping dept. After placing the order, I was concerned that the tests would arrive over the weekend and I would have to wait a few extra days to have the blood drawn. I contacted your office and requested an overnight delivery. Michael was quick to respond and quick to make that request happen. What an angel!

So, I really wanted to let you know how very appreciative I am of the culture you have created at and the amazing staff you have available. I believe I will be ordering more tests over the next few months as I continue along this path to wellness and I am thrilled to have already established this professional relationship that is steeped in trust and reliability.

Lorraine C., CA

Hyperactivity Improves With Food Allergy Testing
Alane’s food allergy test and nutritional advice helped my daughter’s physical and emotional health tremendously. She went from whiny, chronically sick (sinus and ear infections), hyperactive and incredibly difficult to happy, sweet, healthy, focused, and “norma!” Her immune system has been so even through this flu season that her pediatrician’s office thought we switched doctors. We used to be there 1-3 times a week during rough periods and we haven’t been in 3 months! Thanks Alane for all of your help! – Andie’s mom
Autism improves quickly!Thank you for all your help! After only TWO weeks of eliminating “allergic” foods, the kids definitely seem more focused and clear. They are able to learn better too and can remember things more. Their mom thinks their eyes look clearer. They look at us and the world around them more. They can complete tasks better too. Today I told one child to go get some pajama bottoms. He went to his room and got them out of the drawer and came back to me, no problems. He could not do this task on his own before.Lara S.
Therapist & Teacher working with autistic children in CA. 
Food Allergies & Crohn’s Disease Relief Thanks again for all your help … it’s amazing how much better I feel! My doctor had no choice but to put me on medicine for Crohn’s Disease and recommended certain foods to help with my symptoms. But unfortunately my symptoms got worse. I won’t go into unpleasant details, but they were interfering with my daily activities. I always had to be near a bathroom, and quick access. There was also severe cramping associated with these “episodes.”You told me you suspected that I had some food allergies, and which foods to avoid (more irony … I was to avoid some of the foods that my gastroenterologist recommended me eating). The morning after our first appointment, I went grocery shopping for the new foods you suggested. During that shopping trip, I had to run to the bathroom twice with severe cramps, etc. I will remember that morning clearly because it was the LAST TIME I had those symptoms! It was an overnight difference. The Food Allergy Test we did came back and supported your suspicions that I was allergic to certain foods. I have been off the problem foods and the difference is amazing! My system is much more regulated, and I have not had those kinds of cramps since that morning. I have also been using the products you recommended (nutrients, vitamins) to help balance my intestinal system and I can tell a big difference in how I feel overall. I now have no difficulties at work and can go anywhere with my family without the fear of being stuck somewhere without a bathroom.So, thanks again for your help. I’ve been bragging to my colleagues about how much better I feel; a few of them have problems of their own, so you may be hearing from them soon!! I look forward to our next meeting.Sincerely,
Ilene Hodges
Food Allergy Test & Improved Breathing  Alane has been working with my son since age 7. He suffers from terrible mucus buildup and has trouble breathing. She did a food allergy profile on him and it came back positive for almonds, eggs, pinto beans and soy. I changed his diet and the mucus cleared up. He is breathing so much better he will play soccer this year. And after 1 year of supporting his health with Alane’s guidance we had him retested and he only has ONE food allergy now, instead of four.Previously we took our son to our pediatrician who ran his own food allergy test which showed nothing. Her test is really superior! -Mike
Insomnia Relief after eliminating one foodI had trouble sleeping for a few months and decided to get a food allergy blood test. Before I go to sleep I like to eat a small bowl of cereal and almonds. Well, to my surprise the blood test Alane did showed I am allergic to almonds! So I change my nightly snack to cereal and walnuts and my sleep problem disappeared! -Roswell, GA
Hyperactivity Reduced with Food Allergy Test Alane did a food allergy profile on my child age 12 with hyperactivity. It showed that oats is a trigger for him. We removed the oats and he calmed down. Didn’t realize children can be so affected by food allergies … it was so simple to help him! -A Happy Mom
Severe Psoriasis caused by Food Allergies I took my daughter to see Alane as a last resort after several visits to her pediatrician and different dermatologists. My daughter had a skin condition that continued to worsen and the doctors continued to prescribe steroid creams. The food allergy test Alane took determined that she was allergic to many foods that she was eating regularly. And her hair analysis showed she was lacking several needed nutrients.Alane recommended we change her diet and suggested a few supplements. I have seen a remarkable change in my daughter’s skin! The dry, scaly and weeping sores are gone and so is the unbearable itching! THANK YOU Alane! -Gwen S.
Focus & Mood Improves Our 12 year old daughter’s food allergy testing showed an allergy to dairy. Her symptoms were similar to ADD. She could read ok, but could not comprehend or remember what she read. Less than 30 days after eliminating this one food her focus and mood improved drastically!Thank you Alane! – Kim
Acne clears up fast! I always had minor breakouts as a teenager, but it drastically increased in my twenties. I tried several topical products with little or no results. My mother finally suggested it might be related to something internal. I did a little research and found Nutritionally Yours and Alane Palmer. She ran a delayed food allergy/intolerance test and discovered the food I was eating was affecting my system and thus my skin. I changed my diet and she placed me some supplements and I saw results literally within a few weeks. Not only was my skin clearer, I had more energy and my allergy symptoms decreased also. I am so grateful to Alane for helping me finally solve the mystery to my ongoing acne. -Leslie J.
Kiss ADHD Goodbye! We sought Nutritionally Yours’s help for our 10-year-old son, who has been diagnosed ADHD. We were concerned about side effects of the stimulant medication he was on: particularly, his lack of appetite, irritability, and trouble falling and staying asleep. The hair and blood antibody testing we completed this summer with Nutritionally Yours showed Nathaniel has 2 severe food allergies, as well as abnormally high aluminum. Already, after only a few weeks on the nutritional supplements and adusting his food intake, we’re seeing improvement in his sleep and daytime calmness. We’re very hopeful that with continued treatment, we may be able to kiss ADHD and stimulant medications goodbye for good! -Mrs. Hoffman
Son has eczema I am writing to say thank you. Thank you for offering the hair analysis test and the food allergy test. For a while I have been suspecting that my son has some allergies and was unable to find the right test for him. His skin scratch test only revealed reaction to nuts, but your test also showed milk, mustard & eggs. I wish I had found your websites much earlier and spared my son’s unnecessary suffering. Best regards,
Little boy is more alert! I have noticed a difference in my son since I eliminated the main foods which he tested positive for. His stools are better and his fine motor skills are better. Even the occupational specialist noticed the changes, and him being more alert. I appreciate your help and input. -Kim W