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Migraines and Food AllergiesMigraines and Food Allergies: Migraine headache symptoms can come on suddenly and last for a few hours or a few days. Along with great pain they often are accompanied by nausea, fatigue, light, noise, and smell sensitivities and visual disturbances. Migraine pain can occur around the eyes, sinuses or one or both sides of the head. Migraine headache symptoms can be triggered by food allergies, food intolerance, chemicals or the environment. Simply eliminating exposure to the “trigger” can help you find migraine headache relief!

Food allergies and headaches go hand in hand!

Headaches and Food Intolerance: Migraine pain relief or headache pain relief can be achieved by learning what the best headache diet and nutrition program is right for you! Simply remove the problem foods from your diet to feel better! Benefits of our food allergy / food intolerance / chemical sensitivity test: discover the “triggers” that cause migraine headache symptoms.