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Why Our “Comprehensive”  Gluten Intolerance Testing Kit? 

Most traditional gluten allergy tests only test for TWO components of gluten, deaminated gliadin IgA and transglutaminase IgA . Gluten intolerance testing needs to be comprehensive or there are false negatives. Our Cyrex Labs gluten allergy test kit, tests for NINE components of gluten. It also tests for THREE auto immune reactions to gluten. (auto immunity against the gut, brain and the skin). Plus our lab tests TWO of the immune pathways (IgG and IgA) not just one!

Specific Items Tested in our

“Comprehensive Gluten Intolerance Test Kit (Array 3)

  • Wheat IgG + IGA (wheat sensitivity)
  • Wheat Germ (wheat germ, dark brown wheat, sprouted wheat) IgG + IGA
  • Gliadin 15 mer IgG + IgA a Gliadin 17 mer IgG + IgA    (Gluten Allergy)
  • Gliadin 33 mer IgG + IgA       (Gluten Allergy)
  • Gliadin 17 mer IgG + IgA       (Gluten Allergy)
  • Glutenin 21 mer IgG + IgA        (Gluten Allergy)
  • Gluteomorphin IgG + IgA (Person feels addicted to wheat gluten)
  • Prodynorphin IgG + IgA (Gluten causes pain)
  • Gliadin tG2 Complex:   (auto immunity caused by wheat)
  • Transglutaminase IgG + IgA 2: Gut auto immunity caused by gluten
  • Transglutaminase IgG + IgA 3: Skin auto immunity caused by gluten
  • Transglutaminase IgG + IgA 6: Brain auto immunity caused by gluten


Comprehensvie Gluten Blood Test Sample 


Once the order is placed a kit is mailed to you right away. Directions on where to go for the blood draw will be included. Results are emailed to you within a few short weeks.