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Cyrex Lab’s Gluten Cross Reactivity Test Kit   $385
Why are some people are on a gluten free diet, but still having symptoms? Can other foods act like a gluten protein in the body?

About 75% of the people testing positive to a gluten intolerance and they go 100% gluten free feel better quickly. However certain individuals may have a poorer gut health (leaky gut) and thus are also reacting to other foods that can cause gluten cross reactivity symptoms. The testing performed at this laboratory reveals that there are many proteins and foods that are considered safe for someone gluten sensitive, but may actually be exacerbating the immune response and causing symptoms. This means there may not be gluten antibodies present in the body, but there may be other antibodies for other foods that are causing the same reaction. For example in some individuals a quinoa molecule (which is known to be gluten free) may be recognized by the body as a gluten molecule by mistake but it causes the exact same gluten type of reaction. 
This is a combination IgG and IgA Immune System Response Test. It measures TWO pathways to the immune system, not just one!
Foods Tested in Gluten Cross Reactivity Test Kit   $385
Rye, Barley, Spelt, Polish Wheat (Kamut) Millet
Cow’s Milk Hemp
aCasein and bCasein Amaranth
Casomorphin Quinoa
Milk Butyrophilin Tapioca
Whey Protein Teff
Milk (chocolate) Soy
Oats Egg
Yeast Corn
Coffee Rice
Sesame Buckwheat
 Our suggestions for people wanting to identify a gluten intolerance PLUS other foods that can act like a gluten protein.
1. Gluten Testing in the Blood (Cyrex Lab Array 3)
Gluten Blood Test Sample  / Gluten Testing Interpretation Sheet
2. Gluten Cross Reactivity Test Cyrex Lab Array 4
Gluten Cross Reactivity Test Sample 

All Cyrex Blood Tests can be done in the SAME test kit with the SAME blood draw.
Once you place your order we mail you a test kit right away. It will include directions on where to get the blood draw done. Results are emailed to you within a few short weeks.

IF a blood test is not possible, no problem order the Gluten Testing in the Stool and make sure to add Transglutaminase IgA to identify if there is an auto immune reaction caused by gluten.