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Chronic Fatigue and Food Allergies / Chronic Fatigue Diet 

sad businesswomanFood allergies can definitely cause chronic fatigue symptoms. People suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome can have a debilitating fatigue that can last for many years and it affects every part of their everyday life. People with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) may get a good night sleep, but wake up tired and remain tired throughout the day.

Chronic Fatigue is a disorder with a variety of symptoms. Some people just have extreme fatigue; others also have pain, neurological disorders, depression, anxiety, and more. Chronic Fatigue and Food Allergies are very common. Any food can be causing Toxic Food Reactions in the body which are leading to the chronic fatigue, even healthy food.

Chronic Fatigue Sufferers Start With Your Diet: Begin with learning what foods are safe for your body and learn which foods are causing a toxic food reaction. Not only junk food will cause a toxic reaction in your body, healthy food can too! Start with a food allergy test to learn which foods may be causing your symptoms. Take the foods testing positive out of your diet and start feeling better. Even healthy food can be causing fatigue, anxiety, depression.

Yes, you can increase your energy by taking toxic foods out of your diet and only eating the foods your body TRULY wants. Food allergies and chronic fatigue go hand in hand. 

1. Get tested
2. Remove the toxic foods from your diet.
3. F
eel better! 

Benefits of our food allergy / food intolerance tests
You could have more energy,  increased focus, improved mood, better sleep, better quality of life.

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Our Practitioner’s Suggestions:
IgG Elisa Bloodprint + Candida antibody


Gluten Testing in the Blood


OR if stool testing is needed:

Gluten, Dairy, Soy, Egg, Auto Immunity



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