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4Boys1HyperLooking for an ADHD Diet?
Looking for information on Food Allergies and ADHD?
YES, Food allergies can trigger attention deficit, ADHD and Attention Deficit Symptoms!

Get tested for food allergies and start focusing better!


An adult or child with symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) may simply be “reacting” from food allergies or food allergy / intolerant reactions. Even healthy foods can cause a food  reaction which can affect the brain and nervous system. A diet program for ADHD is as simple as identifying food allergies and then eliminating the reactive foods from the diet. Watch the symptoms improve!  You can improve focus, mood, memory, behavior, organization skills, attitude, speech and even hyperactivity!

Attention Deficit and Food Allergies Adult Example: You may have a terrific day one day, full of energy and ability to think clearly, and the next not be able to remember where they left their keys, what time meetings are, or what time their kid’s soccer practice is.

girl and bookAttention Deficit & Food  Allergies Child Example: One day a child is cheerful, respectful and finishing homework without a problem, but the next they have brain fog, can’t remember where they left their homework, if they did their homework, seem lazy or have a bad attitude.

Food allergy symptoms in children: Hyperactivity, Attention Deficit, ADHD, OCD, poor focus, behavior problems, trouble sleeping. Foods can affect the nervous system by speeding it up, or slowing it down. A food allergy / intolerance test can help you plan your child’s diet better. Simply removing the foods the child is reacting too can help improve the attention deficit symptoms.



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