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Green List: Eat and Enjoy

Orange List: Do not eat for three months, then rotate back into your diet

Yellow List: Ok to eat once a week

Red List: Stop eating for six months then if you want, add them back into your diet on a rotation basis.

alcatALCAT measures leukocyte cellular reactivity and change in the cell when exposed to certain food antigens. in whole blood which measures the immune systems response to food which leads to inflammation. This is a “delayed” immune response.

Alcat testing measures the final common pathway of inflammatory response.

This is where degranulation releases mediators such as cytokines, leukotrienes, complement and platelet aggregation may be taking place. This response is specific to the person’s blood cells and will give good information regarding delayed reactions that cause chronic inflammation.

200 Foods
50 Functional Foods & Medicinal Herbs
20 Food Additives and Colorings
10 Molds and 20 Antibiotics and Medications
Pediatric Wellness Panel

The ALCAT Test as been proven to be able to identify those foods that trigger Non-Allergic mechanisms to activate and induce the release of inflammatory mediators common in many chronic conditions where the symptom onset is not immediate. This delayed food sensitivity/intolerance is an activation of the innate immune system. These immune reactions can be caused by food particles that are small and undigested that evades complete digestion and are absorbed into the body to cause inflammation and symptoms. Some of these symptoms are weight gain, skin problems, GI distress, pain and more.

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Consider the Alcat 200 Foods Only
The ALCAT 200 plus 20 Food Additives and Colorings

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