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 A Food Allergy and Intolerance can dramatically effect your health!

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Are you suffering from Toxic Food Syndrome resulting from eating foods you are allergic or intolerant of?  According to the book “An Introduction to Toxic Food Syndrome by Jeffrey Zavik and Jim Thompson, an estimated 95% of the population suffers from this syndrome. The symptoms vary from person to person, but all have one thing in common: when a person stops eating the foods that are causing toxic reactions, their symptoms disappear.

Adapting to Food Intolerance symptoms is not the answer. 
TFS ( Toxic Food Syndrome) results from delayed food allergy or intolerance symptoms. These symptoms or reactions may not be life threatening, but sufferers start to adapt their lives around their symptoms. They basically give up and give into the symptoms and adjust their lives accordingly. Symptoms of headaches, fatigue, discomfort, pains,constant colds and sinus congestion, asthma,  brain fog, depression, anxiety, stomach issues, weight gain or inability to lose weight,  skin eruptions are given into and sufferers start making changing in their lives accordingly.  Unfortunately they do not realize what the root cause of their poor health is, so they attempt to adapt to their symptoms.

Ex: A food allergy or intolerance can cause the indigestion you may call “a sensitive stomach”. But in reality, your “sensitive stomach”  may only be “sensitive” to a few foods that are toxic to your particular system. The right food allergy / intolerance test can identify the foods that are toxic to your stomach.

Ex: Your child’s acid reflux symptoms which is bothering her so much that it causes her behavior to be unpleasant, could be nothing more then a few foods causing a toxic reaction in her body. Food allergy testing can tell you so much about what your child’s dietary needs really are.

Ex:Do you love the outdoors and used to golf, bike, go for long walks but the fatigue or  pain you feel prevents you from doing the activities you used to love? And what about that ole excuse ” I am just not as young as I used to be?” Think hard about your symptoms and put a stop to them, the easy and safe way. When you do a food allergy testing, all you have to do is avoid the foods toxic to your particular system and you can soon claim victory over your symptoms!

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The Roman philosopher Lucretius, in his book “De Rerun Natura” (On Natural Things), wrote, “What is food to one, is to others bitter poison.”


When a toxic food is eaten the body revolts which results in symptoms. The immune system starts to treat the toxic foods as strange, hostile invaders and it reacts to let you know there is a problem you need to deal with.

So What is the Solution?
You have been created uniquely and need your own individualized meal program. Start with a food allergy test to identify which foods need to be eliminated from your diet…..change your diet accordingly …..then start feeling better and enjoying life! Another bonus is you get to stop wasting money buying groceries that are making you sick. Only buy food that keeps you well.

Why can’t you just skip the test and start eating healthy foods? Because even healthy foods like spinach, broccoli, carrots, beans, kale . …the list goes on and on………can cause Toxic Food Syndrome symptoms, it is not just junk food that causes symptoms!